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Business Coaching for Blue Collar Businesses

We specialize in helping small and medium businesses in Construction & Trades, Manufacturing & Fabricating, and Transportation & Distribution.

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Blue Collar Businessman

Business Coaching for
Blue Collar Businesses

Are you frustrated with low profits, cashflow or sales growth?
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Leadership Training

& Sales Training

Do you struggle with managing people or selling?
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Succession Planning

Business Succession

Are you planning to sell or pass on your business to the next generation? Increase the value of your business and build a blueprint for your dream life.
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Coach Tony’s Corner

Emerging Leader Development: Coaching vs.Training

A bottleneck many growing companies face in the current economy is attracting proven and effective leaders to facilitate and manage profitable growth. These proven leaders command premium salaries and bonuses assuming you can even get their attention. There are times that the answer to a problem is literally sitting right in front of us. You may already have an emerging lead [...]

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Chickens, Eggs and Leadership

I learned a valuable lesson about leadership and organizational behavior from the most unlikely source: chickens, eggs, and my grandchildren. My daughter and son-in-law live on an acreage in Langley and thought it would be great to teach my granddaughter and her brother valuable life lessons by having them raise and take care of some chickens. They went out and found a l [...]

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Business Coaching: I’m Not Sexy But I’m Effective

When it comes to business coaching there are some very sexy business coaches out there. Now I am not talking about physical attractiveness for romantic purposes but those who capture our imagination and inspire us. They tell a great story and have high energy. They are inspirational, motivating and get you believing in yourself. This is all important stuff and is a foundation f [...]

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Leading & Managing Your Plumbing Business

Most plumbing businesses are started by a plumber who does great work but grew frustrated by having to do things someone else’s way. They might not agree with the short cuts their employer asked them to take or the level of customer service the company provided. They didn’t want a boss any more and wanted to control their own destiny. The plumber starts their business an [...]

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