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Business Coaching for Blue Collar Businesses

We specialize in helping small and medium businesses in Construction & Trades, Manufacturing & Fabricating, and Transportation & Distribution.

Released Summer 2019

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Blue Collar Businessman

Business Coaching for
Blue Collar Businesses

Are you frustrated with low profits, cashflow or sales growth?
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Leadership Training

& Sales Training

Do you struggle with managing people or selling?
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Succession Planning

Business Succession

Are you planning to sell or pass on your business to the next generation? Increase the value of your business and build a blueprint for your dream life.
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Coach Tony’s Corner

Stop Pivoting! Lead with Purpose

It's time to stop pivoting and to start leading your business with purpose. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in the middle of March, it was like a hammer coming down on all of us. Suddenly, a lot of businesses became irrelevant to their customers and had to act in the moment. Just like a running back, who comes up to the line in football, and faces a linebacker, he must piv [...]

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Increase Sales by Being a Sales Warrior

Be a Sales Warrior Podcast Businesses lose thousands of dollars of revenue every month because they blow the sale. A ton of money is spent on marketing. A customer finally responds only to have the sale go up in smoke when they say, “I’ll think about it”. To try and save the sale, discounts are often given resulting in lower profits and cash flow. Why does this happen? [...]

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Build a Strong Marketing Foundation Podcast

Click Here to Download Podcast Stop wasting time and money on marketing. You pour tons of money into marketing strategies expecting the phone to ring or customers to walk in the door only to be disappointed repeatedly when nothing happens. Marketing strategies can work and generate sales growth if you take the time to build a strong marketing foundation. The three pillars [...]

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The “Magic Profit Formula” Podcast

Click Here to Download Podcast Every business owner wants to generate more cash and profits. They don’t know where to start and grow increasingly frustrated. It is hard to see the forest for the trees when you are in the middle of the forest. The “Magic Profit Formula” is a process that lifts the business owner above the forest so they can look down and see where the o [...]

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