3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Made By Trades & Technology Companies

man reading newspaperMost Trades & Technology companies struggle with marketing. Marketing mistakes may even be your biggest nemesis. We all know that your ability to innovate and create drives our economy. You offer a product or service that satisfies a real unfulfilled need. But despite spending enormous amounts of time, money and resources on marketing, sales still falls short of expectations.

As a result of my discussions and the work I have done with Trades & Technology companies I have isolated The Three Marketing Mistakes that are continuously made. They result in marketing and sales efforts failing to produce expected results.

Understanding the Target Audience

Very few companies can describe their target audience in detail. Doing so is important to understanding who and where your ideal clients are (demographics). It also helps to understand their frustrations, motivations and challenges (psychographics).

Marketing With Logic Instead Of Emotion

Even in the world of technology and trades where logic and process rule, decision makers still base their decisions on emotion. But they justify they decisions with logic. Most companies focus their marketing on the functionality of their product or the quality of their work. However, they spend very little time, if any, communicating how their product or service will improve life for the client. Prospects don’t care how good you are until you can show them how much you care. They need to know how you can make their life better.

No Sales Process

The current sales model used by many successful companies is to build a relationship based on trust. Yet many companies go from saying “hello” to “do you want to buy my product” in the same sentence. Buyers have a process they go through when making a decision. Developing a sales process that is built around the client’s buying process can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your sales efforts.

The good news is that just as there are processes in trades and technology, there is a proven process for developing an effective marketing program and sales process. This proven process can dramatically increase sales in a short amount of time.

For information on how to develop a marketing and sales process call me at 604.374.5934 or email tony@empoweredbusiness.ca and I will send you the coaching session I use with my clients “Marketing –The Starting Point”. You will be able to “self coach” yourself to start the marketing and sales system development process.

Once you have a formal plan in place, understand who you are marketing to and what impact your product or service will have on your clients life or business, you will be much better equipped to make better decisions on how and where you should deliver your marketing message.

Tony Malyk

Tony Malyk is a Certified Professional Business Coach and Business Value Accelerator specializing in improving profitability and increasing business value in the manufacturing, distribution, trades and technology sectors.