3 Power Questions To Increase Sales Now

What do you really sell?

Drill BitHave you ever thought about why there are over 1M ¼” drill bits sold in North America every year?

I ask this question in my Group Coaching and Sales Training sessions. The immediate answer is usually “because they break” or “they are lost.”

Upon further encouragement the groups realize that people purchase drill bits because someone needs to drill a hole. If we drill down further (pun intended) we discover that the holes are made for a specific purpose. Someone needs to hang a picture, build furniture or a home.

So how does this relate to sales and marketing?

The key message is that whatever product or service you are selling, your customers are buying the end result of using your product. They are buying not the commodity itself. Businesses that increase sales understand how their product fits into the lives or business environment of their customers. Consequently, they are able to build their marketing programs and sales processes around satisfying the specific challenges facing their customers.

Let’s use our drill bit as an example.

Let’s say we discover that manufacturers and trades people use the majority of our drill bits to build and install various products. We also discover that they need the drill bits to improve productivity and to withstand the rigours of heavy duty use.

Based on this knowledge we could build a message and a sales presentation that says “XYZ Drill Bits Improves Productivity by 30%” or “Built to last to keep your business running.”

How can you use this example to build your own powerful sales & marketing program?

Answer these three Power Questions about your product or service to increase sales.

  1. What “pain” does your product solve for the customer?
  2. What “pleasures” will they gain from using your product?
  3. How can you improve the aspects that customers hate about buying from your industry? What do they hate?

Answering these questions will help increase sales. But it isn’t as easy as it appears. My clients usually provide a good surface level answer but the real answer often lies in a much deeper area. A skilled professional can help their client “drill down” (pun intended again) to get to the real benefits of their product. They can then develop a powerful and effective sales and marketing program. Challenge yourself and see what you come up with.

I offer a free 60 minute strategy session to help my clients answer the 3 Key Power Questions. To set up your free session just call me at 604.374.5934 or email tony@empoweredbusiness.ca

Tony Malyk, Vancouver Business Performance Coach

Tony Malyk

Tony Malyk is a Certified Professional Business Coach and Business Value Accelerator specializing in improving profitability and increasing business value in the manufacturing, distribution, trades and technology sectors.