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Want More Profits? Just Watch Adele

As this article is being written the Adele concerts in Vancouver are only a couple of sleeps away. As we hear one story after another about how tickets sold out in just moments and how resellers and scalpers are getting thousands of dollars for just a few hours of entertainment it has me searching for […]

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Use Customer Service to Build Sustainable Shareholder Value

Many corporations tell their employees that the company’s primary purpose is to increase shareholder value. There is a lot of truth to this. It is the Shareholders who risk their hard earned money with the expectation that their investment will grow and generate cash flow. With this mandate in mind, management will focus on improving […]

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Are Your Employees Driving You Crazy?

One of the biggest frustrations business owners have is dealing with staff issues. At first, they were a “one man show”, “chief cook and bottle washer.” It was hard work but the business seemed simple. As the business grows there is a need to add a first, 2nd and 3rd employee. Life is now getting […]

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3 Strategies To Increase Sales Without Marketing

Companies in every industry spend enormous amounts of money on marketing to attract new clients and increase sales. We have all heard about the ratio that it costs 6 to 10 times more to attract a new customer than to keep an old one. Yet many businesses either ignore or take their customers for granted, […]

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The “Magic Formula” For Business Success

One of the biggest challenges facing business owners is maximizing business performance and profitability. If only there were a magic formula for business success. For companies in the Manufacturing, Trades and Technology industries this is even more challenging. With so many moving parts and complexities where do you even start the process of improving business performance? […]

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Do You Have FIRE In Your Customer Service Program?

It seems like everyone in business today is talking about the importance of providing and measuring a great customer service program. However, for many organizations, customer service gets more lip service than execution. What does it take to have a good customer service program? Above all, a successful customer service program requires the same focus […]

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