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The “Magic Formula” For Business Success

One of the biggest challenges facing business owners is maximizing business performance and profitability. If only there were a magic formula for business success. For companies in the Manufacturing, Trades and Technology industries this is even more challenging. With so many moving parts and complexities where do you even start the process of improving business performance? […]

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Are “Idle Assets” Holding Your Company Back?

Many manufacturing, trades and technology companies are facing cash flow challenges due to “idle assets”. We all know that “Cash is King.” Without positive cash flow even a profitable company can find itself in peril due to liquidity issues. Idle assets in the company tie up cash but do little to generate cash flow or […]

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How To Reduce Labour Costs By 30% In 90 Days

Businesses usually want to reduce labour costs. For many Manufacturing, Trades and Tech Companies labour is the single largest expense item in their operation. Labour costs are often the difference between profit and loss. It also affects the business owner’s quality of life. First, it is absolutely imperative to track labour costs to the point […]

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The Biggest Mistake Manufacturing, Trades & Tech Companies Make When Setting Prices

Many owners of Manufacturing, Trades and Tech companies complain that their margins are not high enough. The reason in most cases is that when setting prices, they are simply not charging enough. The tendency when setting prices is to take the path of least resistance and charge less than the competition. Or to take the […]

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Why Manufacturing, Trades & Technology Businesses Get Stuck

All business owners find their businesses get stuck in certain areas from time to time…or even all the time. Sometimes “sales” are flat and business owners just can’t seem to grow their revenues anymore. Lack of profitability is another common challenge. Even if your sales are growing, profitability (or lack thereof) seems to be stuck. […]

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