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The Absolute Power of Clarity in Business

The power of clarity in business was something I learned about years ago. I was rejoicing in a client’s new found success when I remembered a conversation I had with a Business Coach years before becoming a Business Coach myself. I asked him what exactly does a Business Coach do and his reply was, “I […]

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The 5 Steps to Increasing Sales By 550% in 4 Years

I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. After I picked up my new company car I was on my way to start my first day as a Branch Manager for a national company. I always wanted to run my own operation, and finally got my chance at only 29 years old. My mandate was increasing […]

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Increase Business Value With a Powerful Business Plan

A comprehensive business plan can play an integral role in increasing business value. A written plan that is updated on a regular basis demonstrates to a potential buyer that the business has been run in a professional, thoughtful and purposeful way. This increases the buyer’s confidence by reducing perceived risk making it more likely they […]

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Is Your Business In Distress? Save It With These 5 Steps

Even the most successful and established business can find itself in a position of financial distress. This is caused by sudden and significant changes to the business landscape or it may have crept in over time due to a lack of monitoring and controls. Before you know it you have a runaway train that requires […]

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Your Company Culture Starts With You

I recently attended an event where the keynote speaker was a prominent local businessman who spoke about the culture of his 150+ employee company. He explained how he sought out employees at all levels who were competitive, entrepreneurial, and sports minded.  As well, he valued employees who had strong personal values and demonstrated a genuine […]

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A Business Lesson from The Seattle Seahawks

There are some life changing lessons that managers and business leaders can learn from one of the most dramatic and intense sports comebacks in history. January 18, 2015. The NFL Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Championship in overtime by a score 28-22 over the Green Bay Packers. The Green Bay Packers did a masterful job of […]

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