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Increase Profits NOT Sales for Financial Success

The number one challenge owners of manufacturing, trades and technology companies state as their priority for financial success is to grow sales. This is true in many cases. However, business owners can dramatically improve the financial health of their business much faster and even more dramatically by looking internally for ways to improve their business […]

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3 Essential Skills That Every Business Owner Must Have

To build a successful and sustainable enterprise, there are essential skills that every business owner must have. One of the biggest frustrations owners of manufacturing, trades and technology businesses have is dealing with staff issues. At first, they were a “one man show”, the “chief cook and bottle washer”. It was hard work but the […]

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How To Make Difficult Decisions With Confidence

As business owners, we make difficult decisions all the time. Some are straight forward and are easy to make. Others are can be more complex especially when dealing with employment issues, strategic planning, financial situations and business direction just to mention a few. It’s normal to get caught up in all the options and “what […]

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20 Biggest Frustration Facing Owners of Manufacturing, Trades & Tech Companies

We all started our business with a goal in mind. Perhaps it was to create financial independence, to be your own boss. Maybe you want to serve the market on your own terms. No matter how or why we started, the business inevitably comes to at least one frustration facing owners. We get stuck in […]

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5 Ways To Eliminate The Skilled Labour Shortage

While at a Manufacturers Reception hosted by the Surrey Board of Trade recently several owners of manufacturing business commented on the skilled labour shortage. They claimed the shortage of qualified and skilled labour was the one major factor holding back the growth of their business. I have heard these same comments from owners of technology […]

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