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How To Reduce Labour Costs By 30% In 90 Days

Businesses usually want to reduce labour costs. For many Manufacturing, Trades and Tech Companies labour is the single largest expense item in their operation. Labour costs are often the difference between profit and loss. It also affects the business owner’s quality of life. First, it is absolutely imperative to track labour costs to the point […]

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Why Manufacturers, Trades & Tech Companies Don’t “Measure Up”

Many owners of manufacturing, trades and tech companies anxiously await the release of their financial statements. They want to see how they are doing. At best the financials are reviewed monthly. But often they are reviewed on a quarterly or even annual basis. Typically the two numbers they look at are top line revenue and […]

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Why Manufacturing, Trades & Technology Businesses Get Stuck

All business owners find their businesses get stuck in certain areas from time to time…or even all the time. Sometimes “sales” are flat and business owners just can’t seem to grow their revenues anymore. Lack of profitability is another common challenge. Even if your sales are growing, profitability (or lack thereof) seems to be stuck. […]

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3 Steps To a Stress Free Business

Most small business owners dream of a stress free business. Does the following scenario sound familiar? You started or bought your business to achieve personal goals and live a better life. You wanted more freedom and to leave a legacy. Sounds great. You had a dream, it was pure excitement and energy. However, after some […]

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