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Increase Sales by Being a Sales Warrior

Be a Sales Warrior Podcast Businesses lose thousands of dollars of revenue every month because they blow the sale. A ton of money is spent on marketing. A customer finally responds only to have the sale go up in smoke when they say, “I’ll think about it”. To try and save the sale, discounts are […]

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The “Magic Profit Formula” Podcast

Click Here to Download Podcast Every business owner wants to generate more cash and profits. They don’t know where to start and grow increasingly frustrated. It is hard to see the forest for the trees when you are in the middle of the forest. The “Magic Profit Formula” is a process that lifts the business […]

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Be a Dynamic Leader Podcast

Podcast: Be a Dynamic Leader This leadership podcast based on Chapter 2 of the book, “Leaky Bucket of Profits”, starts with the author, Tony Malyk, talking about the importance of strong leadership in an organization. He uses an example of how sports teams and corporations are willing to pay millions of dollars per year for […]

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Build a Winning Culture Podcast

Podcast: “Leaky Bucket of Profits” Chapter 1 Tony Malyk, the Author of “Leaky Bucket of Profits”, shares the story behind the leaky bucket and covers Chapter One in the book, “Build a Winning Culture”. A leader must be clear on the type of culture that is desired for the business and take purposeful action to […]

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The British Columbia “Health Tax” a Blessing in Disguise

The new “Health Tax announced in the reading of the 2018 BC provincial budget made it clear that the NDP/Green government wants to transfer the burden of the health care system onto the backs of BC businesses. The $500K payroll exemption excludes micro businesses from the new tax burden. However, based on an average annual […]

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