Common Sense is NOT a Business Process

A common challenge facing business owners is getting control of the daily mayhem in their organization. I constantly hear complaints about how everyone spends their day fighting fires. They’re ending up exhausted after a long day with little (if any) sense of accomplishment. The result is low profits, low morale, stagnant sales growth and overall poor business performance.

When asked why so much time is spent fighting fires the exasperated owner responds with “because my staff makes so many mistakes. I don’t know why, it’s just common sense.” Herein lies the problem. When left to their own devices employees will complete tasks based on their own biases, experience (or lack of) and perceptions. The result is that tasks are not carried out in a way that is consistent with the owner’s wishes. Details fall through the cracks and the mayhem begins.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible to dramatically improve business performance with the right leadership and systems in place. Implement the following three strategies and you will transform your business from chaos to a well oiled machine in no time.

Understand That You are Not The Business

Many businesses were started by someone who had specific skills or proprietary knowledge. This will carry a business to a certain point. However, there is a time that the success of a business is no longer dependent on the owner’s knowledge but on their ability to Hire, Train and Motivate great people. How much time do you spend doing these three essential tasks?

Develop a Strategic Plan

Does your team start their day with a clear understanding of what they need to achieve? Do they (or you) understand the direction your company is heading? Having a clear roadmap of where your company is going provides a sense of purpose to everyone in the organization. This allows them to make better decisions on how to spend their time and resources.

Have a Documented System for Everything

In most cases the lack of systems is the main cause of disorganization. Without the right checks and balances in place key details can fall through cracks only to be noticed when it is too late. Develop systems for all areas of your business and train your team on how to operate them. The Systems will run your company freeing you up to spend more time on productive and high value tasks. Tasks such as strategizing and measuring and monitoring your business.

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Companies that have evolved from an owner-centered business to a true sustainable enterprise have been successful in following the above three steps. It doesn’t happen overnight but making small incremental improvements to your business every week will improve business performance and achieve the work/life balance that we all strive for.

Tony Malyk

Tony Malyk is a Certified Professional Business Coach and Business Value Accelerator specializing in improving profitability and increasing business value in the manufacturing, distribution, trades and technology sectors.