Increase Sales by Being a Sales Warrior

Be a Sales Warrior Podcast

Businesses lose thousands of dollars of revenue every month because they blow the sale. A ton of money is spent on marketing. A customer finally responds only to have the sale go up in smoke when they say, “I’ll think about it”. To try and save the sale, discounts are often given resulting in lower profits and cash flow. Why does this happen? The answer is that most small business owners and their staff have no sales training. They “wing it”. The best way to maximize predictable results from leads generated by marketing is to have a sales system and train everyone to follow it. The current sales model is based on understanding the decision-making process people go through when making a purchase, then guiding the customer through the process so they can make their decision. In this episode, Tony Malyk explains the 8 steps of the sales process and how to turn it into a system. An effective sales system can transform a company’s success overnight so it is well worth the investment of time and money.

Tony Malyk

Tony Malyk is a Certified Professional Business Coach and Business Value Accelerator specializing in improving profitability and increasing business value in the manufacturing, distribution, trades and technology sectors.