Know Your Communication DNA

Which leadership style is the best? Most people feel one of the most important qualities of a good leader is communication skills. This is so important that many leadership development programs start with assessing the leader’s communication style, so they will learn how to leverage this knowledge to become better communicators.

Four Basic Communication Styles

There are four basic communication styles and although usually dominate in one or two styles we all have our own unique combination of the four giving each of us our own communication DNA. The following is a brief overview of the four styles:

Director – This leadership style tends to be an outgoing task orient person. They are blunt and directive in how they communicate and tend to be very decisive. This type of leader can be successful in achieving results but can cause high employee turnover due to their demanding style.

If your leader is a Director understand that they deal with situations and not people so don’t take their blunt style personally.

Influencer – As a socialite this leader is usually high energy and promotes a positive atmosphere. They achieve results by connecting with people and want everyone to be happy. The downside is that as a leader they are challenged holding others accountable or making touch decisions because they want to be popular. They are also not detail oriented.

This leader can be fun to work for, but their inherent indecisiveness can frustrate some people.

Steady Eddy – This leader tends to be more thoughtful and introspective than the other styles. They are not usually high energy but inspire others showing empathy. They are averse to mistakes and tend to proceed cautiously.

This leader can also be pleasant to work for but they will frustrate some team members to due slow decisions and lower energy.

Compliance Officer – Being very analytical this style of leader is quite introverted and survive by focusing on strong systems. Attention to detail is so important that they struggle with the big picture and get very frustrated when systems are not followed.

People who prefer an environment with strong systems and structure will thrive under this leader but those who like flexibility will be frustrated.

Which Communication Style Makes the Best Leader

So which communication style is the best for leaders? A leader can be successful regardless of their style. The best leaders recognize their shortcomings and surround themselves with people who possess the attributes they don’t have. The Director will be sure to have people who are sensitive to the human side and those that are detailed oriented. The Influencer will be sure to have detailed oriented people and those that will drive the team to success. The Steady Eddy will want those who bring more energy and directiveness to the team. The Compliance Officer will also want those who bring more energy and a human component to the team.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these styles? If you would like more information on how to leverage your communication style to get more out of your team send a note through the Contact Page and I will send you detailed information on how to communicate as a leader more effectively.

Tony Malyk

Tony Malyk is a Certified Professional Business Coach and Business Value Accelerator specializing in improving profitability and increasing business value in the manufacturing, distribution, trades and technology sectors.