Business Coaching: I’m Not Sexy But I’m Effective

When it comes to business coaching there are some very sexy business coaches out there. Now I am not talking about physical attractiveness for romantic purposes but those who capture our imagination and inspire us. They tell a great story and have high energy. They are inspirational, motivating and get you believing in yourself. This is all important stuff and is a foundation for success. The challenge is that the sexy coaches tell you what you need to do but not always how to do it.

There is more to building a successful and profitable business than high energy and passion. Many of my clients were already highly motivated and committed to their business before I started working with them. They knew what they should doing but didn’t know how to do it, which made them increasingly frustrated with their business and themselves.

My Non-Sexy Approach

I don’t motivate my clients with energy and helium. They get motivated and excited because I can show them not only what to do but how to do it. I use my decades of experience of running business operations to guide my clients as we stand shoulder to shoulder and I show them how to build a more profitable and valuable business that provides the lifestyle they always envisioned.

At the end of the day it’s about business fundamentals. I am still surprised by how many reputable businesses struggle to be profitable because the owner failed to install some basic business principles.  Developing a Vision, Mission & Values statement; understanding their ideal client, having systems to attract and develop great people and measuring business performance are just a few of the key pieces many businesses lack.

If you are frustrated with your business you don’t need more motivation. Find someone to help you with the “how” to do it not just the ”what to do”.  Find someone who has actually been there before. Someone who knows what it is like to struggle with cash flow, deal with problem employees and who has run a truly profitable and effective business.

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