One to One Business Performance Coaching for Small Businesses (5 – 50 Employees)

The Process

There is no “hocus pocus” in my coaching method. I use a proven and practical approach called the “VEA” Process that has resulted in some of my clients increasing profits by $50K to $100K in as little as one year, plus they build a more focused business with less headaches.

EBC_Business Value Accelerator-VEA“VEA” stands for Vision, Empower, Achieve. Each step has specific tasks that build towards a more profitable, valuable and headache-free business.


The objective of this stage is to (1) Give you the fastest return on your investment as possible (2) Set goals for success.

We accomplish this by conducting a financial analysis of your business to look for immediate opportunities to increase profits and cash flow, conduct operational assessments to identify areas needing to be improved and set five and one-year goals and a 90 Day action plan.


Based on the outcomes of the Vision stage we focus on getting the business ready for growth and profitability. We empower your business by implementing systems and providing the necessary training for management and staff to ensure they are capable and motivated to take your business to the next level.


This is where the rubber hits the road. We meet on a regular basis to monitor progress, make adjustments and keep everything on track to meet the goals you set at the beginning of the process.

EBC Services - Coaching SessionSession Format

  • Review progress and completion of action items from previous sessions
  • Celebrate successes of completed items
  • Review progress, make necessary adjustments and new commitments on outstanding items
  • Determine new items to be completed with time sensitive deadlines
  • Discuss and provide insights on any unexpected issues arising since the last session
  • You decide on the action items to be completed before the next coaching session and commit to it in writing
  • Sessions are 60 – 90 minutes and can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Weekly sessions are highly recommended (for at least the first 90 days) as they will allow your business to gain momentum and achieve your goals faster.

The goal of every session is to keep your business on course until the vision of your enterprise has been achieved.

I wanted to share that I just had my best month ever. Thanks for your help this year, you have been instrumental in my successes.

Martin Jongejan, Owner, Zoom Home Cleaning Experts

Group Coaching for Micro Businesses (1-4 Employees)

EBC Services - Group CoachingThis is the perfect program for micro business owners who want to take their business to the next level while learning many of the business fundamentals that the“propeller heads” learn in MBA programs. There are 7 monthly sessions with groups of 4 to 8 people.

Each session covers a different area of the business allowing you to implement what you learned between sessions.  Topics covered are: Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Human Resources & Financial Management

Session Format

  • Accountability Time – each member reports on their progress of implementing their homework from the last session.
  • We celebrate success and discuss challenges since the last session
  • The current month’s subject is introduced with group discussion
  • Homework is assigned
  • Members make their commitments on what they want to achieve in the following month.

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