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Essential Leadership Skills for Owners & Managers

Duration: Ranges from One Day to 12 Month Coaching

Overview: Effective leadership can have a profound effect on the overall performance of a business. This interactive program will provide managers and owners the essential skills needed to inspire & motivate their teams to reach new heights.

Topics Covered:

Lead Your Self First

  • Developing Your Leadership Brand
  • Goal Setting to Achieve Epic Results
  • Time Management
  • Creating Balance in Your Life & Work

Lead Others

  • Understanding Communications Styles to Lead More Effectively – DISC Assessment is included for each participant
  • How to Motivate and Inspire Your Team
  • Delegation
  • Holding Your Team Accountable
  • How to Have the “tough talk” with team members
  • Running Effective Meetings

Human Resources Basics for Managers

Duration:  Four Coaching/Instructional Sessions (2 hours each)

Overview: The recruitment, retention and development of high quality people is crucial to your organization’s success. In each of the four sessions you will gain the knowledge and given the tools to build an effective and powerful HR system that will drive your organization.

Session One – Hiring Exceptional People

  • Know Who You Want
    • Develop a Profile
    • Job Descriptions
    • Review Group DISC Assessment
  • How to Find Them
  • The Interview Process
    • Screening
    • Interview(s) Agenda
    • Interview Techniques
    • Reviewing Interview Tools
  • Homework: Develop a Profile of the Ideal employee based on the DISC assessment and write a Job Description for each position that reports to you

Session Two – Training New Employees

  • Discuss homework from Session One & Role Play Interview
  • The First Day – Agenda
  • Developing a 90 day/monthly/weekly training plan for each position
  • Homework: Develop Your 90 Day Plan

Session Three – Motivating, Evaluating Employees

  • Discuss Homework from Session Two
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Motivation Strategies
  • Conducting Employee Evaluations (the good, bad and ugly of employee performance)
  • Taking Corrective Action, Discipline

Session Four- Employee Succession

  • Role Play Employee Evaluations
  • Preparing Employee for Promotion

Professional Sales Training Workshops

Duration: 7 Hours (One Day)

Overview:  Sales and profits are lost every day due to a lack of closing & presentation skills. This intensive “hands on” seven-hour training workshop provides the crucial skills needed to close more sales without giving unnecessary discounts.  Each participant will leave with their own customized Sales System

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding Communications Styles To Sell More – Includes DISC Assessment for each  participant
  • Setting Epic Goals
  • Turning Prospects into Customers by Building Trust
  • How to Build High Perceived Value to Sell for Maximum Profit
  • How to Easily Handle Objections
  • How to Present “real solutions” That Will Have the Prospect Asking for Your Product

Time Management Skills to Double Productivity

Duration: 7 Hours (One Day)

Overview: Low Productivity is one of the biggest drains on profits.  This information-packed training workshop provides the real skills necessary to immediately double one’s productivity.

Topics Covered:

  • The 10 Excuses for Low Productivity That Cause Stress
  • The Difference in Being Effective vs. Efficient
  • Goal Setting to Get Control of Your Time
  • The 5 Stages of Workflow & How to Manage It Effectively
  • How to Prioritize to Get the “Important” Stuff Done Faster

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