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20 Biggest Frustration Facing Owners of Manufacturing, Trades & Tech Companies

We all started our business with a goal in mind. Perhaps it was to create financial independence, to be your own boss. Maybe you want to serve the market on your own terms. No matter how or why we started, the business inevitably comes to at least one frustration facing owners. We get stuck in […]

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Are “Idle Assets” Holding Your Company Back?

Many manufacturing, trades and technology companies are facing cash flow challenges due to “idle assets”. We all know that “Cash is King.” Without positive cash flow even a profitable company can find itself in peril due to liquidity issues. Idle assets in the company tie up cash but do little to generate cash flow or […]

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Why Manufacturing, Trades & Technology Businesses Get Stuck

All business owners find their businesses get stuck in certain areas from time to time…or even all the time. Sometimes “sales” are flat and business owners just can’t seem to grow their revenues anymore. Lack of profitability is another common challenge. Even if your sales are growing, profitability (or lack thereof) seems to be stuck. […]

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3 Steps To a Stress Free Business

Most small business owners dream of a stress free business. Does the following scenario sound familiar? You started or bought your business to achieve personal goals and live a better life. You wanted more freedom and to leave a legacy. Sounds great. You had a dream, it was pure excitement and energy. However, after some […]

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Get Off The Business Mouse Wheel

.Do you sometimes feel like a mouse running on a mouse wheel? You’re working hard, dealing with everything from sales & marketing, customer service, accounting, bank deposits and even performing your business’s core service or shipping product. The day is over. You’re exhausted. You look back on the day, the month or even the years […]

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