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Solving the Profitability Epidemic in Surrey

There is a profitability epidemic lurking amongst manufacturing and trades businesses in Vancouver and the surrounding area.  Although a large number of businesses are flourishing I have had the opportunity to meet with dozens of business owners of well established businesses who employ five to fifty people that struggle to break even.  In many cases […]

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Improve Cash Flow by Stopping “Just in Case” Management  

Improve Cash Flow Almost every business wants to improve cash flow. The one common phrase I hear from business owners who struggle with cash flow and profitability is “just in case”.  When I conduct a financial review of manufacturers, distributors, and trades businesses I often find they have too many employees or are carrying 50% […]

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Is Your Business In Distress? Save It With These 5 Steps

Even the most successful and established business can find itself in a position of financial distress. This is caused by sudden and significant changes to the business landscape or it may have crept in over time due to a lack of monitoring and controls. Before you know it you have a runaway train that requires […]

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Are “Idle Assets” Holding Your Company Back?

Many manufacturing, trades and technology companies are facing cash flow challenges due to “idle assets”. We all know that “Cash is King.” Without positive cash flow even a profitable company can find itself in peril due to liquidity issues. Idle assets in the company tie up cash but do little to generate cash flow or […]

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Why Manufacturers, Trades & Tech Companies Don’t “Measure Up”

Many owners of manufacturing, trades and tech companies anxiously await the release of their financial statements. They want to see how they are doing. At best the financials are reviewed monthly. But often they are reviewed on a quarterly or even annual basis. Typically the two numbers they look at are top line revenue and […]

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Why Manufacturing, Trades & Technology Businesses Get Stuck

All business owners find their businesses get stuck in certain areas from time to time…or even all the time. Sometimes “sales” are flat and business owners just can’t seem to grow their revenues anymore. Lack of profitability is another common challenge. Even if your sales are growing, profitability (or lack thereof) seems to be stuck. […]

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