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“Dare to Declare” Your Ideal Client To Generate Profitable Growth

Businesses open their door every day, market their product and try to put their best foot forward, yet many struggle with flat sales and unprofitable growth. The hard truth is that your customers may not want what you are offering, because they are not your ideal client. Many businesses make the fatal error of going […]

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Stop Relying on Social Media to Grow Your Business

Social Media is all the rage. There are endless offerings of webinars, seminars and “free reports” on how to take advantage of the Social Media craze. There are thousands of social media tips, tricks and strategies to help you grow your business. Yes, Social Media can be an effective strategy if the right steps and […]

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Are Your Employees Driving You Crazy?

One of the biggest frustrations business owners have is dealing with staff issues. At first, they were a “one man show”, “chief cook and bottle washer.” It was hard work but the business seemed simple. As the business grows there is a need to add a first, 2nd and 3rd employee. Life is now getting […]

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