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The British Columbia “Health Tax” a Blessing in Disguise

The new “Health Tax announced in the reading of the 2018 BC provincial budget made it clear that the NDP/Green government wants to transfer the burden of the health care system onto the backs of BC businesses. The $500K payroll exemption excludes micro businesses from the new tax burden. However, based on an average annual […]

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Paradise By The Dashboard Light

If you truly want to reach business paradise use the dashboard light to guide your activities and corrective actions. Many owners of manufacturing, trades and tech companies anxiously await the release of their financial statements so they can assess their business performance. At best the financials are reviewed monthly but often they are reviewed on […]

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Close More Sales With This Little Known Secret

How many times have you had a customer ask you to submit a proposal in a certain way so they could “compare apples to apples“? Chances are that you take the path of least resistance by complying with the request. The customer does their comparison and then watches you fight over their business with the […]

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3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Made By Trades & Technology Companies

Most Trades & Technology companies struggle with marketing. Marketing mistakes may even be your biggest nemesis. We all know that your ability to innovate and create drives our economy. You offer a product or service that satisfies a real unfulfilled need. But despite spending enormous amounts of time, money and resources on marketing, sales still […]

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Use Marketing Physics To Triple Your Chance Of Success

,yThere is mathematical proof that you can literally triple your chance of success by ensuring your marketing program follow three crucial rules. The three crucial rules are Your message must communicate an OVERT Benefit There must be a REASON TO BELIEVE There must be a REAL DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE In his book Jump start Your Business […]

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