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Common Sense is NOT a Business Process

A common challenge facing business owners is getting control of the daily mayhem in their organization. I constantly hear complaints about how everyone spends their day fighting fires. They’re ending up exhausted after a long day with little (if any) sense of accomplishment. The result is low profits, low morale, stagnant sales growth and overall […]

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Selling Your Business? Increase Value by $250K in 12 Months

Are you planning to sell your business anytime in the next 5 years? It typically takes 12 – 18 months to optimize business value so the time to start preparing is right now! Business Valuators use a number of methods to determine business value. A couple of common methods are owner’s cash flow and a […]

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The “Magic Formula” For Business Success

One of the biggest challenges facing business owners is maximizing business performance and profitability. If only there were a magic formula for business success. For companies in the Manufacturing, Trades and Technology industries this is even more challenging. With so many moving parts and complexities where do you even start the process of improving business performance? […]

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How To Reduce Labour Costs By 30% In 90 Days

Businesses usually want to reduce labour costs. For many Manufacturing, Trades and Tech Companies labour is the single largest expense item in their operation. Labour costs are often the difference between profit and loss. It also affects the business owner’s quality of life. First, it is absolutely imperative to track labour costs to the point […]

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5 Ways To Eliminate The Skilled Labour Shortage

While at a Manufacturers Reception hosted by the Surrey Board of Trade recently several owners of manufacturing business commented on the skilled labour shortage. They claimed the shortage of qualified and skilled labour was the one major factor holding back the growth of their business. I have heard these same comments from owners of technology […]

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Do You Have FIRE In Your Customer Service Program?

It seems like everyone in business today is talking about the importance of providing and measuring a great customer service program. However, for many organizations, customer service gets more lip service than execution. What does it take to have a good customer service program? Above all, a successful customer service program requires the same focus […]

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