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Stop Relying on Social Media to Grow Your Business

Social Media is all the rage. There are endless offerings of webinars, seminars and “free reports” on how to take advantage of the Social Media craze. There are thousands of social media tips, tricks and strategies to help you grow your business. Yes, Social Media can be an effective strategy if the right steps and […]

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3 Power Questions To Increase Sales Now

What do you really sell? Have you ever thought about why there are over 1M ¼” drill bits sold in North America every year? I ask this question in my Group Coaching and Sales Training sessions. The immediate answer is usually “because they break” or “they are lost.” Upon further encouragement the groups realize that […]

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The “Magic Formula” For Business Success

One of the biggest challenges facing business owners is maximizing business performance and profitability. If only there were a magic formula for business success. For companies in the Manufacturing, Trades and Technology industries this is even more challenging. With so many moving parts and complexities where do you even start the process of improving business performance? […]

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