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Double Productivity by Being Effective NOT Efficient

“Information overload” and “doing more with less”. Do these phrases sound familiar? We have more information coming at us from more sources than ever before. Phone, texts, email, social media and even good old fashioned direct person to person communication can bog us all down, yet we are expected to accomplish more with limited resources. […]

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5 Simple Strategies to Improve Profits Quickly

Business seems good. The orders are coming in but the stress level skyrockets when you have to make payroll or pay your suppliers on time. You want to improve profits quickly. The natural reaction is to get more business. More business should solve all cash flow problems, right? This might be the answer some of […]

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Encourage Innovation In Your Company

The phrase “build a better mousetrap” is used often when defining innovation. Some say the mouse trap we are all familiar with is so simple and effective that there is little room for improvement. The fact is someone did literally invent a better mouse trap. The traditional method was to pull back the lever, position […]

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The “Magic Bullet” For Attracting Talent To The Trades

One of the biggest challenges facing owners of manufacturing, trades and technology companies is attracting talent. It can be difficult encouraging people to choose “the trades” as their profession. The fact is that this is an uphill battle. History has shown there is a lifestyle gap between those with a University Degree or Diploma and […]

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3 Steps To a Stress Free Business

Most small business owners dream of a stress free business. Does the following scenario sound familiar? You started or bought your business to achieve personal goals and live a better life. You wanted more freedom and to leave a legacy. Sounds great. You had a dream, it was pure excitement and energy. However, after some […]

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Get Off The Business Mouse Wheel

.Do you sometimes feel like a mouse running on a mouse wheel? You’re working hard, dealing with everything from sales & marketing, customer service, accounting, bank deposits and even performing your business’s core service or shipping product. The day is over. You’re exhausted. You look back on the day, the month or even the years […]

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