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Marketing is NOT the Problem, Your Sales Process IS The Problem

Marketing is the nemesis of most small business owners, a necessary evil that rarely seems to translate into measurable sales. The fact is that the marketing program may not be problem; it may be your sales system. The sole purpose of marketing is to generate qualified leads. The marketing program has done its job once […]

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Close More Sales With This Little Known Secret

How many times have you had a customer ask you to submit a proposal in a certain way so they could “compare apples to apples“? Chances are that you take the path of least resistance by complying with the request. The customer does their comparison and then watches you fight over their business with the […]

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The Forgotten Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is the nemesis of most business owners. Many business owners I speak to in Langley, Surrey and Greater Vancouver are very frustrated with results they get from their marketing expenditures and write off ineffective activities with comments like “at least I got our name out there.” Unless you are Coca-Cola or General Motors […]

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