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The Absolute Power of Clarity in Business

The power of clarity in business was something I learned about years ago. I was rejoicing in a client’s new found success when I remembered a conversation I had with a Business Coach years before becoming a Business Coach myself. I asked him what exactly does a Business Coach do and his reply was, “I […]

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Why Most Companies Plan to Fail

Remember when you started your business? You had a product or service that would serve the market better, faster or cheaper than the competition. You were in control of your destiny and the world was your oyster. As time passed the energy and enthusiasm began to dissipate. Things weren’t going as planned. You thought it […]

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Empower Your Business with a Powerful Strategic Plan

Just imagine if everyone in an organization fully understood the goals they were trying to achieve. Like a team of horses pulling a chariot everyone would be going in the same direction. All their energy would be dedicated to reaching the desired destination quicker than they ever imagined. Every business or organization goes through occasional […]

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Are “Shiny Objects” Distracting Your Business?

As business owners we have all received a phone call, a cold call visit or approached at a business function to get on a “great thing” or “shiny object.” These are opportunities that can distract us from the things we really need to focus on. It might be the “perfect” advertising medium. Or it might […]

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Is Your Company Truly Ready for Growth?

you didn;tI have yet to meet a business owner in the Greater Vancouver area who doesn’t want to be successful or to keep improving the performance of their business. Yet many either struggle to reach their goals or are stuck on past successes as they seek the next level. There are three steps a company […]

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Business Coach Explains why Mike Gillis May Have Struggled as the Canucks GM

Press Release Business Coach Explains Why Mike Gillis May Have Struggled As the Vancouver Canucks GM For Immediate Release April 10, 2014 Contact: Tony Malyk, Vancouver Business Performance Coach Empowered Business Coaching Phone: 604.374.5934 Email: tony@empoweredbusiness.ca Mike Gillis struggled as an NHL General Manager due to his communication and behavior style not being effectively embraced […]

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